Heart Bypass Surgery in India

A heart bypass surgery aims at replacing the damaged arteries inside the heart. In this surgery, a surgeon uses blood vessels from another part of the body to repair the damaged arteries. This operation is also termed as coronary artery bypass surgery.

This operation is performed when the arteries get damaged/blocked. Oxygenated blood is supplied to the heart’s muscles via the coronary arteries. If they get blocked, the heart cannot function properly and may lead to heart failure.

When do we need a heart bypass surgery?

Plaque is a material in the blood, which builds up on the walls of the arteries and lowers the blood flow to the heart. As the heart doesn’t receive enough blood, the muscle is more likely to tire and fail. It affects the left ventricle, the heart’s primary pump.

This surgery is recommended by a doctor only if your coronary arteries get blocked/narrowed. In this case, you’re at a high risk of a fatal heart attack. This is also called as atherosclerosis. This surgery is usually performed when the blockage is too severe to be managed with medication or treatment.

Success Rate for this Heart Surgery

The present survival rate for heart bypass surgery is around 95 to 98 percent, i.e., between 2-5% of all patients have complications, including death. The success rate has improved over time. According to research, 80-95% of patients who have undergone bypasses with a segment of the mammary artery are still performing well even ten years after surgery. Two-thirds to 75% of patients who had grafts from leg veins had unrestricted blood flow even after ten years.

Remember, if your grafts get blocked, you won’t need another bypass surgery to be done. However, you might be eligible for balloon angioplasty and insertion of a stent.

How much does it cost?

The price of this heart bypass surgery in India is much lower than that in any other developed country. The average cost for this surgery in India is around $10,000 compared to $30,000 in the USA. The prices mentioned above are just given only for your guideline and are the average cost of surgeries in some good hospitals in India and USA. The top hospitals in these two countries might charge higher rates.

In a Nutshell

Only in India, you will find high-quality medical procedures with 70 to 90 percent savings over the United States. Surgical operations in India are performed at JCI accredited hospitals. Surgeons and physicians are highly qualified and well educated in India. Most of them obtained their medical degrees from respected universities in English speaking countries. This is the reason the competency level of Indian Health Care Providers is in proportion with the United States. In India, the prolonged stay in the hospital after surgery, i.e., the recovery period gives you an opportunity to resume your normal activities much sooner after discharge from the hospital. Since the official language in India is English, you won’t have any communication difficulties with medical staff.

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