What Is Laser Eye Surgery

The advancement of technology in recent time has brought about many changes in the medical science field. A clear and simple example of such improved technology is laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is becoming a highly popular method of correcting eye problems. More and more people are going in for laser eye surgery all over the world, as it is considered to be safe and highly productive.

Laser eye surgery refers to the use of high quality and high precision laser called the Excimer. It is used to carve the corneal tissue of the eye in order to help the light rays to get refracted correctly and fall precisely on the retina of the eye. This procedure helps to easily remove blurry vision, farsightedness, short sightedness, and other vision impairment issues with the eye. There are many things that need to be considered before determining whether laser eye surgery is the right choice for a patient. Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure and should be approached in the same manner as any other surgery one may have. There may be many complications before the surgery. However, the complication rate of laser eye surgery is only five percent. Thus the procedure becomes safe and provides minimal chances for failure.

Laser eye surgery cannot guarantee a twenty by twenty vision. However, it definitely helps to cause a drastic improvement in the vision of the eye. The need for glasses and contact lenses is reduced. A person is able to lead a normal life and carry out daily activities like driving and reading after laser eye surgery in most cases.

Laser eye surgery may however have a few side effects. Eye irritations, over correction, under correction are some complications, which might occur. These are commonly known as side effects and normally occur after the surgery. Gradually these side effects wear off and normal vision is restored.

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