Risk of Infection After Tubal Reversal Surgery

In every surgery there are some risks and complications. So the patients having tubal reversal surgery are also prone to some risks after the surgery. The most common type of risk is the infection. 6 percent of patients suffer from the surgical site infection. This infection usually develops within a month of surgery. The patients are curious to know the cause of this infection and ask its reasons from the doctors. The most common cause is the microorganisms. The microorganisms contaminate the skin and sometimes the microorganisms present in the genital track become the cause of infection. There is also a chance that these contaminating microorganisms may come from the surgical instrument or the caregiver. There are many possibilities of the arrival of the microorganisms.

The infection is more in the women who are

  • In habit of smoking
  • Obese or over weight
  • Having diabetes

Although there is a little risk of infection in tubal reversal but the possibility is still there. When a patient develops infection after tubal reversal, she develops the following symptoms

  • fever
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • swelling
  • redness
  • slow healing warmth

If any of the patients develops these symptoms, she must consult the doctor immediately. The treatment of the infection is done by the use of antibiotics for some time period.

When Is Successful Tubal Reversal Possible?

No matter which method is used to tie the tubes during the tubal ligation, there is also some possibility to put them back together. For example, if the tubal ligation reversal is performed during c-section or one or two days after the vaginal delivery then there is a possibility that the tubes will be reconnected with each other but if the tubes were cut or damaged by placing the scope inside the belly button by making an incision then the chances of successful tubal ligation reversal are less. If clips or rings are used for tying the tubes then this is quite easy to untie them.

If the doctor burned the tubes and only a small part of the tubes are left then it may not be possible to put them back. When tubes are burned, the heat travels to the most part of the tubes, hence the major part of the tubes are then damaged thus making it very difficult to be repaired.

If the major parts of the tubes are damaged, then tubal reversal is not possible. In that case the doctors usually suggest IVF. If the tubes are present in good condition then the successful tubal reversal is possible. Tubal reversal is done by a trained surgeon who has special experience in microsurgical techniques.

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