Obtaining a Residency Letter of Recommendation

We are thrilled to bring you another invaluable recorded session from Elite Medical Prep’s Residency Roundtable series. This session, titled “Obtaining Letters of Recommendation,” is hosted by the esteemed Dr. Emily Zelinski. Specifically, it is designed to equip you with the essential strategies for securing powerful Letters of Recommendation (LORs) that will elevate your residency application to new heights. You can also find more recorded sessions from this series here and our ultimate residency application timeline here.


Session Highlights:


In this session, Dr. Emily Zelinski will guide you through the intricacies of obtaining outstanding letters of recommendation that truly set you apart in the competitive world of residency applications. In addition to this session, you can find more of our residency tips and tricks on our Elite Medical Prep blog!


1. Navigating the Residency Letter of Recommendation Process


Learn the step-by-step process of how to effectively request, obtain, and manage your letters of recommendation. This will greatly bolster your residency application.


2. Timing and Timelines


Discover the optimal timeline for initiating and preparing your recommendation letters within the residency match timeline to ensure you are well-prepared and organized.


3. Choosing the Right Recommenders


Understand who to approach for recommendation letters. You will also learn how to identify individuals who can provide meaningful insights into your abilities and character.


4. Quantity vs. Quality


Learn about the ideal number of recommendation letters you should aim for and how to strike a balance between both the quantity and the depth of each recommendation.


5. Maximizing Impact


Additionally, get expert tips on selecting the best LOR writers and the optimal time to approach them to ensure your letters reflect your strengths and accomplishments effectively.


6. Crafting a Standout Residency Letter of Recommendation


Discover strategies for obtaining LORs that go beyond the generic and truly make your application stand out in the eyes of residency programs.


7. Overcoming Challenges


Learn how to navigate situations where a faculty member may be hesitant to provide a strong LOR while effectively addressing such challenges professionally.


8. Equipping Your Writers to Write Your Residency Letter of Recommendation


Understand what information to provide your letter writers. Consequently, ensuring they are well equipped to create compelling and personalized residency letters of recommendation on your behalf.


9. Specialty and Program Specifics


Explore the nuances of specialty and program-specific LOR requirements and how to tailor your letters accordingly.


10. Assigning Your Residency Letter of Recommendation


Learn how to confirm and assign your LORs to specific programs, especially when the number of available slots for LORs is limited.

Dr. Emily Zelinski’s wealth of experience and insights will empower you to navigate the LOR process strategically, ensuring your residency application stands out from the crowd.


How to Access the Session


You can view the recorded session above, or alternatively view it on YouTube directly. If you are looking for additional help with your residency application, consider enlisting the help of an Elite Medical Prep residency advisor! Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more about how we can help you succeed!

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