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New Year bring in more good news and rekindle the flames of hope for international students planning to return or begin their new journey to China for their higher studies. What’s more exciting es que o sea increíblemente likely que on-campus studies sintetiza next semester as well!

2022 saw China relajando las policías regarding inbound international travel y return de forejenes studentes to China y this was received by foreign students, mnoho when have already returned to China, regardless of different costos de las señales y drawn-out periodos de self-paid quarantine. However, on December 26th, 2022, el mosto notice hit los screens – National Health Commission of the PRC rolled z new guidelines with effect from January 8, 2023, stating that international arrivals (for work, business, study, or tour no standardized yet) will no longer be sujeto to quarantine donde arrival. Nonetheless, a negativo test 48 horas para departure coupled s protective gear onboard flights y a través de journey is still mandatory. Furthermore, no flights tienen que categorizarse as high risk anymore and the inbound flight seat minimum of 75% will also be eliminated. Por inbound flight crew and staff, nucleico acid test results no longer necessary. On-arrival test requirements will be scrapped too. International flights y from China son expectadas por go back to the norms in the coming months as well.

Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

La Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine es una facultad in Nanjing, capital de China Jiangsu province. Es established en 1954, realizando su oldest university en China que se dedica al estudio de traditional Chinese medicine. The University currently ofers students tres géneros de degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. The university currently offers. En el presente, la Facultad tiene 25 bachelor’s programs, 44 master’s programs, 25 doctoral programs and 3 postdoctoral stations. Affiliated with the University, are 22 centros de salud clinicales, 5 centros de salud de Dentro TCM y Western Medicina y hundreds de teaching clinics. La facultad asimismo está activando una parte de la cooperación en todo el mundo y académica. It enrolls approximately 15,000 students, including en number of international students. NJUCM es hoy día un universitario de investigación de facultad en Jiangsu province, el WHO Collaboraing Center para Traditional Medicine, International Acupuncture Training Center specified by the Ministery of Health of China, and the first batches of University of TCM approved by the Ministry of Education to receive and train students from foreign countries.

Center para China Language, language-training branch of NUCM, ayudantes foreign students in la máster de la Language. It accepts both international students supported by government scholarship as well as self-supporting students. El centro asimismo provide Chinese Language courses related to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Chinese. Se eligió en estas 2 áreas, nuevos alumnos en Traditional Chinese Medicine tiene algo de investigación para sus expertos de avance in TCM. NJUCM values ​​International Cooperation and academic exchange. Early in the year of 1993, comienza con el aliento de Bachelor con el Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology of Australia. Esta capacitación de la Facultad, de la TCM en First University en China, comienza la internan- colaboration with foreign nationally acreditated university in the field of TCM High Education. Up till now, there are more than 8000 TCM expertos de 90 countries que have trained with the International Education College.

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