How to Increase Size of Breasts Naturally

Have you ever wondered about how to increase size of breasts? If you have, the first thing that you should know is that you are not alone. Many women, the world over, are concerned with how to increase size of breasts.

There is no woman on earth who hasn’t looked in the mirror one day and been disappointed or even disgusted by some part of her anatomy. As women we are constantly told that we ‘should’ look a certain way. And if we don’t, we are the first people to pan us for not doing so.

Open any magazine and expect to be greeted with a bird’s eye view of J Lo’s bum, Rihanna’s legs or Britany’s breasts. More recently, it’s been the Kardashian girls filling the gossip pages and every one of those girls are beautifully endowed.

‘It’s not fair,’ our inner critics scream, forcing us to grab nearest phone book. And we grab the phone book not because it is more interesting reading than most gossip magazines but because we want to find the phone number for the closest cosmetic surgeon, so he can tell us how to increase size of breasts.

As we entered the new millennium, many hoped that women’s plight where body image was concerned would fade. We also hoped that our fight for new role models would succeed. When size zero models were banned from fashion weeks in Europe a few years back, it looked like progress was being made but sadly the trend did not last.

The fact is procedures for cosmetic surgery are on the increase and breast augmentation is no exception. This suggests that many women are still very preoccupied with how to increase size of breasts.

According to statistics, more than 300,000 women underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2008. That’s a lot of women not only wondering how to increase size of breasts but taking drastic action to achieve that end.

However, no figures exist for women who are getting breast implants for the first time and experts believe that this number represents many women who are having their second, third and fourth procedures. It is common for women who have wondered how to increase size of breasts and have had breast implants to undergo surgery a number of times in a ten-year period.

This is very sad news. Why? Well, in 1992 silicone breast implants were banned due to concerns for safety. However, they were re-approved in 2007 by the FDA and are now as popular as ever. Unfortunately for most women wondering how to increase size of breasts, breast implants are the first port of call, despite the dangers.

And the dangers are many. One of the most common dangers is deflation or rupture where the breast implant leaks and deflates as a result of a rupture. There are many reasons why this might happen but when it does, it always demands further surgery in order to rectify the problem.

Another common problem is capsular contracture. This is where the capsule or scar tissue that forms around the breast implants tightens and squeezes the implant as a result of infection. This can cause anything from firmness of the breasts and mild discomfort to severe pain and again further surgery is necessary.

Hermatoma or Seroma is also another problem where a collection of water traps inside the blood and can also lead to infection. Doctors also warn patients to expect a change in the breast sensation and to also feel pain although the amount of pain varies from woman to woman.

The many and potential dangers are causing many women to look for more naturally ways of how to increase size of breasts.

More recently a plethora of herbs and creams have come on to the market and answered women’s prayers for more natural ways of how to increase size of breasts. There are many creams available on the market but one of the more popular ones is a cream called Triactol.

For women looking for a natural way of how to increase size of breasts, Triactol promises great results in just seven days. Triactol promised larger, firmer and lifted breasts. As a totally natural product, Triactol has no nasty side effects either.

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