How I Saved My Gallbladder From Surgery With Diet

One morning I woke up and I had a ton of pain. It was very sharp and got me really scared. I went to the doctor and he did an ultrasound and found I had some gallstones and sludge that had accumulated in my gallbladder. He said I had experienced a gallbladder attack and that the pain may go away and then return. His suggestion was to have my gallbladder removed with surgery. I am not the kind of person who likes having organs removed without exhausting all other options first. I said thank you, left and then decided to look into diet as an alternative. Here is what I did…

First, I discovered that diet does play a huge and direct role in gallbladder symptoms. The most important cause of gallbladder pain and sludge is cholesterol. What I learned is that cholesterol is actually produced by the body naturally and you do not need or want it from your diet. When you eat too much cholesterol, it overloads the gallbladder as it tries to digest and process them. But, as I said, it gets overworked and cannot process all of it. So, those cholesterol deposits turn into sludge and gallstones. As it continues to get worse, your gallbladder can get inflamed and start causing you a lot of pain.

So, the first and most important thing I learned is that you have to cut cholesterol out of your diet. That means any kind of animal food (red meat, chicken, fish, turkey and dairy – cheese, milk, butter, ice cream, etc…) That may seem radical to you, but I can promise you that when you are in pain, you will do anything to get out of it as quickly as possible. So, I switched to a diet that focused on salads, fruits, vegetables, beans, etc… I also started taking a very high quality and organic herbal formula for the gallbladder. And within a few days, my pain was gone and never came back. That made me feel like I was definitely on the right track.

I continued eating healthy and taking the supplement and within a month I felt better than I had in years. I lost ten pounds and had a lot more energy than I had in years. I went back to the doctor and had another ultrasound and the gallstones were dramatically smaller and the sludge was gone! The doctor asked me what I did and I told him, but he didn’t seem very interested. I was amazed. Here I was telling him how I specifically avoided surgery for removing an organ with absolutely NO side affects and he didn’t really seem to care. He just told me to keep doing it and walked out.

All I can tell you is that if you have gallbladder pain and are considering surgery, try this first. It is natural and very well may save your from gallbladder surgery. Look into a vegan diet, because there are tons of delicious recipes and I am hooked for life. I feel confident that it saved my life. It definitely saved my gallbladder!

Click below for the link to the organic herbal supplement I used to get out of pain and save my gallbladder:

Organic Herbal Gallbladder Formula

Good luck!!

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