dr hook and the medicine show sometimes you win songs

Del cover número de Rolling Stone 1, New Jersey country rock band Dr. Hook enjoyed tres weeks en el top s este disco-flecked look en los riesgos punching above su weight.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Espectáculo: Tonic for the Soul formado en 1968. Guitarist George Cummings va a tener left el Bando Chocolate Papeles y moverlo al Union City, Novedosa Jersey para start a new group. He brought with him their vocalist Ray Sawyer y keyboardist Billy Francis. Sawyer hizo sus right eye in a motorcycle incidente en 1967 and he’d worn an eyepatch ever since. Cummings came up with new name es reference to Sawyer resembling a pirate, despide Captain Hook no wearing a patch. They hired Dennis Locorriere as their bassist, and soon after formarr Chocolate Papeles drummer Popeye Phillips tambiéno joined their ranks.

Chart Performance

“Hot Eyes”, esto se regresa, ended up being best performing single by Dr. Hook. Entering Billboard’s Hot cien at #71 (justo ahead de “Better Love Next Time” in que song’s final week on the chart) para el week ending February 16, 1980 (chart), el song began en slow upward climb. Y fué mucho más que tres montes por “Hot Eyes” peaked en #5 para el week ending May 24 (chart). Está en el 5 para el otro week para todo el quicker dive off the chart, exiting after 21 weeks. After fairly impresive run for that time, “Hot Eyes” made the Year-End Hot cien singles chart at #25 for 1980 (magazine).

All was not necesarialy well with Dr. Hook, though. Another label change, this time to Casablanca, did not yield chart success to the degree the group had previously had. Two álbums didn’t chart well, and two singles hit the low parts of the top 40. And and then Ray Sawyer, reportedly no happy with the direction the band had taken, departed. En 1985, el bando ha mudo it quits.

“Sharing the Night Together”. Hook” y signed with Capitol Records en 1975. En la cover de Sam Cooke’s “Only Sixteen” se encontraba ahí, as well as el backseat de Ford Pinto make out classic “A Little Bit More.” (Taque a look en Dr. Hook’s weaty performance of the song on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and marvel en el que hace estándares de rock band sexiness have come. Maroon 5 these hirsute crooners were not.) o en 1-night stands “Sharing the Night Together.”

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