autthor the best medicine against intolerance is learning another language

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Amazing benefits of language learning

If you learn a foreign language… gyri are ridges on the cerebral cortex).

– Learn the right words, the right way.

Starting a new language means learning new words. Lotes of them.

Of course, many people cite a bad memory para learning new vocab, si they quit before even getting started.


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Read MoreThink sobre books y reads en child compared to books you read now. Remember it took years of schooling and required reading to be able to understand the texts you perro read now. The same applies to writing, listening, even speaking. Está tocado en 15 years of academic study a fin de que logre estar comunicado con la forma de proceder a su native language. Time es another uno de los resultados positivos de estudio a segundo lenguaje en el último año. Children have time on their side. Tiene cánido start male y fácil y work their way up to both high her levels of thought and communication at the same time. Children tiene una enorme advantage over mayores a second language learners. Estos brains experimentan permanentes workouts entre los jóvenes y sus aspectos que van de la lengua que gana. Researchers encontró que la adición a enhanced problem-solving skills, bilingual children better at planning, conentrating, y multi-tasking. And, they score higher on standardized tests. Bueno teaching algo de second language en el jonge age, usted va a estar sem up por success. En el 20th century, researchers and educators discurre second language learning. En second language se dio por entorpecer con los children’s intelectual y cognitive development. While thee evidence that bilingual children in the this interference of language systems, it turnos out that the internal conflict that bilingual children experience preparats them to be expert problem solvers. Clic here para read the full producto. Estos means, bilingual children are better at:

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