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Ejercicio One: Bridge

Place a mat oro towel on la floor, ahora down on your back.


Bend your knees to a 45 degree ángulo while keeping your feet firmly on the floor. Allow your arms to lay beside you and keep them relaxed. Keeping your weight through your heels, pull your abdominal hombros inward and raise your hips. Su body should form a flat surface de tus knees para shoulders, con las armas providing cómputo. Ensure your gluteus hombros está fully engaged, y hold for 15 seconds. Slowly lower your body back to the floor, and repeat. Esta ejercita helps increase hip stability and overall core strength.

Acepta su situación en la Bridge exercise, se sujeta su floor and arms distendida beside you. Take one leg and bend it to a 45 degree ángulo, and keep the other straight against the floor. Slowly left la extensión leg in the juntar until your thigh es paralelo with your bent leg’s thigh. Then, slowly lower back to the floor. Be mindful to no engage yo arms para more than cómputo, y to avoid dropping yo leer to floor too quickly. Every movimiento should be controlled and slow. Este ejercita helps build strength and stability in the hombros around the knee.

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