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I recorded this episode of the Cincinnati Children’s podcast Young & Healthy with Hannah Carron, one of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine at our institution. It provides succinct recommendations on when to call 911, seek care in the Emergency Department or Urgent Care, when to ask the advice of your primary care provider, and even when virtual urgent care visits are appropriate. Hannah did a tremendous job highlighting some of the most important take home points for patients and families!

You can stream the episode here:

Episode Show Notes

It is scary and stressful when your child is sick or injured. Deciding where to go for emergency or urgent medical care is not always easy. On today’s episode of Young & Healthy, we provide the information you need so you are ready to make that decision if the time comes.  

Emergency doctors Brad Sobolewski and Hannah Carron join us and share insight on what injuries need an immediate trip to the emergency department and what injuries are okay to have seen in urgent care. They also discuss the option of virtual urgent care, where to go for mental health crises and common misunderstandings about the emergency department. Listen today so you’re ready for anything that may happen tomorrow!  

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