Writing Flash Fiction

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Writing Flash Fiction
writing your book

writing your book


Although there’s no bonafide definition or length of the expressive style selected “flash fiction,” it is thought-about a fictionally-based story or tale, starting from a hundred to one,000 words that notwithstanding incorporates historically longer-story components, as well as a starting, a middle, associated an ending, characters, character amendment, rising tension, climax, and determination.

It needs each a special talent set and focus to craft. delineate as “tight” and “brief,” it mandates that each one amongst its words carry its most weight.

It is not a completely unique outline, a part of a extended story, or a brief story cropped so its word count doesn’t exceed the one,000-maximum. Instead, it’s a novel, modern-day, self-contained literary kind, that entails a brief plot or atiny low conception. It is thought-about a story of one act, which may be primarily based upon many unwritten ones, effort the reader to surmise and perceive. however it’s complete in and of itself.


During its evolution as associate accepted expressive style, flash fiction has been referred to as many alternative names.

1). unexpected fiction.

2). fast fiction.

3). Hint fiction.

4). Smoke-long stories.


Although not then famous, flash fiction as a genre will trace its roots to apologue, a set of fables attributable to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to possess lived in ancient Ellas between 620 and 564 B.C..


Flash fiction is higher understood with the subsequent analogies:

It is sort of a flavourer before you add the new water to expand it into soup.

It is the isolated atom that, once combined with the multitude of others, offers full kind to the thing.

Like associate accounting programme, it offers a photo in time.

Each word should carry the charge of dynamite.

Don’t say it-play it within the reader’s mind, by having him run the filmstrip you started, however were forced to edit into brevity.

It is like losing your job during a flash and having to measure off the flash-in-the-pan referred to as “unemployment compensation.” You delete, disregard, and discontinue everything you now not take into account a necessity and use your mind and memory to fill within the areas that there’s no cash (in your life) and no remaining words (in your flash fiction story).

It fosters apply in “necessary compactness,” that has profit in even larger, longer-winded items or genres.

It is the essence of the fragrance before the alcohol is additional.

Writing flash fiction is like evacuation the one,000 unassembled items from their puzzle box onto your feeding area table and solely finding a hundred of them, nonetheless still being expected to place along a whole image.

Flash fiction employs 2 media: words and footage, the latter of that ar provided by the symbolism substituted for the dearth of letters.

It is the bud on the tree before spring permits it to open into a full leaf.

Occupancy of this flash fiction area by quite one,000 words is taken into account unlawful-and genre-jumping.


The writer’s genre alternative begins with the dimensions and scope of his plan. little ideas become the foundations of flash fiction items, for instance, whereas giant ones lend themselves to short stories and presumably novels. the previous entail optical maser focuses, single aspects, themes, scenes, and conflicts, solely very important dialogue, and a restricted variety of characters, starting from one to a few roughly. The latter embody multiple chapters, scenes, dialogue interactions, settings, subplots, and complexities.

A novel might illustrate the expansion of its main character throughout his decade-long quest to search out himself as an individual and therefore the obstacles that deter it. A flash fiction piece might solely describe associate isolated incident within the quest, however should stand on its own and not think about something apart from what’s enclosed in it.

Every line ought to, if in the least potential, reveal the character and advance the plot.


Because of the genre’s length, it is thought-about a kind resembling the tip of associate iceberg-that is, one line is also used to hint at what lies at a lower place a character’s or plot’s surface.

“When he was free from jail once serving his stealing charge… “, as an example, makes a major statement concerning the protagonist’s morals and indicates to the reader that he should have had a shady, hot past.


Latin for “in the center of things,” it’s a method that applies to flash fiction. there’s no area for long beginnings and character histories. Instead, the reader ought to be plunged into the piece at the instant of the inciting incident or at the crossroads wherever the plot is ready in motion. take into account the subsequent sentence.

Picking up the gun and glancing at the photograph of the girlfriend his business partner scarf from him, Reginald jumped into his automotive and floored the foot pedal, destined for his house. The reader can surmise that there had been group action, betrayal, and unfaithfulness between the 2. His actions and therefore the object he holds equally indicate what his intention is.


The flash fiction genre mandates one plan or feeling, since there’s very little area during which to develop quite one. However, the positive facet to the current ostensible restriction is that the author will deeply explore it. within the previous example, the probed conception is also revenge.


While flash fiction isn’t a memoir or biography, the author ought to notwithstanding not hesitate to probe his own deepest feelings, beliefs, philosophies, and emotions, and vacant them on the page. thanks to its condensed nature, a raw essence is associate plus. Forced to grab his reader’s attention from the primary line, the author ought to do therefore together with his deepest, darkest secrets or brightest, most hopeful dreams transferred to his character(s). The a lot of important they’re to the author, the a lot of impassioned they’re going to seem to the reader. If he’s unable to faucet into such an area at intervals himself, then he ought to invent, expand, and embellish. This is, after all, fiction.


Although associate author will solely expect his readers to produce a brief quantity of attention as they devote their time to reading what he has written, nothing can matter a lot of in their investment than temperament} or characters concerning whom they care. The a lot of they immerse themselves within the expertise, the realer they’re going to become. The author has to evoke their sympathy, sympathy, understanding, and kindred spirit share of life journey commonality, giving them a glimpse of their own.


Flash fiction, thanks to its length, will solely incorporate the essential characters, interactions, and acts that complete its tale. If the author devises a plot that can’t be told in something underneath one,000 words, as an example, then he’s not writing flash fiction.


“(Flash fiction) items still contain a touch of story movement, some reasonably amendment from the start to the tip… (A) little bit of story amendment is all that distinguishes a flash story from a vignette or slice of life piece,” consistent with Carly Berg in her book, “Writing Flash Fiction” (Magic lamp Press, 2015, p. 1).

“… A story will start of obscurity sort of a lightning bolt and leave the reader curious what it really was that hit him” she continues (ibid, p. 2).

The genre affords the budding author a chance to quickly amass a set of flash fiction stories, as a result of they’re short, need very little time to pen, and end in initial expertise.

“With therefore very little area to inform a story,” she states (ibid, p. 3), “you presently hone your craft. each word has got to carry its weight or be cut. Word fatty tissue bores readers in any sort of writing, therefore writing flash fiction is superb coaching in sharp, summary writing.”


As with all writing, flash fiction ideas will generally begin with a spark, like a picture, a feeling, a recollection, or a fraction. If that concept were a skeleton, it’d solely take human kind if you adorned flesh onto it. you’ll be able to do an equivalent here. enable it to become the edge to a story or tale, giving it form with extra, connected ideas, thoughts, and sentences.

Tap into your creativeness and imagination. Pluck your past for events, incidents, memories, experiences, and people. though fiction, flash stories will actually “borrow” factual components from your life.

Piece these components along and expand upon them, generally during a artistic and sudden manner. place the proverbial cart before the horse if it ends up in one thing fascinating and contemporary.

Your piece doesn’t essentially ought to take shape all right away. Again, like any writing genre, you’ll be able to record ideas during a notebook. If unbroken next to your bed, you’ll be able to capture surprising, unsettling, meaningful, and/or unfinished dreams as presently as you awaken before they path from memory.


Inspiration will are available and from several forms and sources, as follows.

1). Your life and its various incidents.

2). folks you recognize or once did.

3). Previous writings.

4). Writings of alternative authors.

5). Music.

6). Feelings.

7). Images, artwork, and pictures.

8). Writing prompts.

9). Walks, new activities, travel, and breaks from your daily routine.


Because a flash fiction story’s length doesn’t allow any degree of character development over time, it’d be unrealistic for the author to target quite a number of.

“Consider what reasonably temperament every character has and make certain they act and speak during a manner that lives up… ,” consistent with Berg (ibid, p. 18). “With terribly short stories, generally we tend to simply get a glimpse of a personality. we tend to solely see a facet of his temperament.”


There is no area for long setting descriptions. “Give United States of America one thing concerning the time and place within the starting… ,” Berg advises (ibid, p. 20). “We do not essentially have to be compelled to apprehend the town or date… ”

The author should be transient and summary. rather than a protracted description a couple of blizzard, as an example, the author might imply this reality. take into account this technique. “Although provincial capital had solely been speaking along with her brother for twenty minutes, the snow had already coated the crack of her boots.” The implication here is that it’s snowing terribly laborious. This provides the reader with associate anchor. The snow ought to be necessary to the setting and therefore the story as an entire, however.


Dialogue ought to be unbroken to a minimum in flash fiction and any character vocalization thought-about spare ought to be eliminated, but should, if in the least potential, reveal one thing concerning the character himself and advance the story.

Speech reflects people’s instructional levels, personality, regional accents, and life experiences. Incomplete sentences, nonstandard synchronic linguistics, and clichés become realistic reflections of them.


“Flash fiction gets all the way down to business at once,” consistent with Berg (ibid, p. 22). “There’s no area to fill United States of America in on a bunch of backstory or sit through an entire meal with the family creating chitchat, before the trespasser knocks at the door or the monster peers through the window. Have the story begin simply before that action that changes everything. provide United States of America the most characters’ names, a concept of the time and place, and begin the story downside or what the character desires.”


Characterized by rising tension, the center of a flash fiction story is that the section wherever the most character strives to realize or fulfill his want for one thing or somebody, however it’s conjointly here wherever the antagonist opposes him. though normal, short fiction might incorporate a series of more and more harder and mounting circumstances, there’s rarely area for quite one obstacle or downside within the flash fiction genre.

“… make certain there’s a haul,” advises Berg (ibid, p. 23). “The main character has got to wish one thing that he cannot get, and therefore the story is concerning if he gets it or not, or moves toward one amongst those ends.”


Because of the protagonist’s opposing force, tensions rise and reach a fervor within the climax, revealing whether or not his quest was productive or unsuccessful.


1). little Idea: search for the smaller ideas in larger ones and rework them into flash fiction plots. something that can’t be coated to completion and conclusion in one,000 words or less isn’t flash fiction.

2). Title: select an attractive, evocative, or intriguing one, however don’t reveal the story’s climax or resolution with it. Titles will function initial hooks.

3). Hook: Snag the reader with a motivating or distinctive hook therefore he can invest his time and continue reading the story.

4). In Medias Res: Latin for “in the center of things,” it’s a method that places the reader within the inside of the inciting incident, at the crossroads that ultimately result in conflict, climax, and change.

5). Conflict: place your characters in conflict with somebody or something-antagonists that create barriers to the accomplishment of their goals or quests. thanks to the genre’s length restriction, limit yourself to just one conflict. however no matter it’s, it should be with success resolved in one,000 words or less.

6). Image: As has typically been aforesaid, “A image is price one thousand words.” Since this can be the flash fiction genre’s upward limitation, this method is especially significant and should change the author to eliminate spare words and descriptions. choose a strong, unforgettable one, like a destroyed street, a dying forebear, or a sunset on Mars. at intervals that setting the plot will unfold.

7). Emotions: select, just like the image, a strong, resonant one, pairing the 2. within the case of the dying forebear, the feeling is also extreme unhappiness or sympathy or perhaps awe throughout the soul’s transition from the physical to the eternal world.

8). Characters: area limitations limit the amount of characters to at least one, two, or three. Four is also stretching it. This conjointly reduces the requirement for descriptions, interactions, dialogue, and scenes.

9). Scenes: once more, area limitations might solely allow one or 2.

10). Narrators: Flash fiction is only once first-person (I) or third-person (he or she) narrators ar used.

11). Mystery: don’t reveal the story’s resolution till the end-that is, throughout and once the climax. enable the mystery to unfold for the reader.

12). Twist: Since you’ve got no time to create up sympathetic characters and develop the difficult plot that has affected them, associate ending with a twist is also well and inevitable. virtually sort of a joke, flash fiction offers a tag line at its finish.

13). Tight Writing: so as to attenuate the area you wish, examine each word and phrase and eliminate something that doesn’t pull its weight.


Writing, no matter the genre, entails reviewing, rewriting, and editing. after you feel you’ve got a finished product, use one or all of the subsequent ways.

1). Disconnect from your piece for many days. Then re-read it. it’s going to not essentially sound as polished as you originally believed it absolutely was once you’ve got placed your time and distance between it and you. you’ll read it from a contemporary perspective.

2). browse it aloud, inserting a second sense on its structure and flow.

3). Have somebody else browse it, however confine mind that a disciple or relative is also too on the point of you and your feelings to be objective.

4). Assess the requirement for the exposition (telling), narrative (showing), and narrative outline sections that you simply have enclosed. Showing, as you’ll recall from alternative workshops, “… suggests that swing the characters on stage and giving United States of America a front row seat to the show,” aforesaid Berg (ibid, p. 33).

5). take care that you simply have chosen a tale that matches at intervals the flash fiction class. If it needs many pages and quite one,000 words to inform, it’s going to be a lot of appropriate as a brief fiction piece.

6). make sure the cohesion of your story–that is, do i event logically follow the previous one and ar characters in step with their actions and speech.

7). concentrate on character temperament, not physical description.

8). take care that your writing is as tight as potential. (See the “Tightening your Writing” workshop lesson.

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